“The best evidence for the value of a medical billing service lies in the fact that tens of thousands of DME suppliers, provider offices and hospitals have long had the software and computers to administer their own medical billing. Yet, through experience have found that their patients, practice and cash flow are best served by removing the billing responsibilities from their medical practice and contracting with a medical billing company solely devoted to medical billing, coding, and reimbursement.”

—(Inga Denney, CPC President of FAMB)

Consider the following benefits of outsourcing:

  • Increases cash flow. A/R collections driven by financial incentive.
  • Reduces physician’s cost for office personnel:
      a. No payroll taxes
      b. No vacation/sick pay
      c. No benefits.
  • Eliminates need for office space designated to billing staff.
  • Increased Medical Billing and Coding Expertise (15 years of experience and certified in the areas of coding and billing through the AAPC).
  • No employee turnover; eliminates costs of
      a. rehiring/training
      b. advertising.
  • Eliminates cost of maintaining and upgrading computer hardware/server and software. (We offer a practice management system, patient portal, on-line payments, and a paperless office solution).
  • Billing inquires no longer handled by physician’s office. (We will help resolve billing issues and answer patient questions).
  • Time consuming follow-up and appeals no longer demand physician resources and office time. (We will sit on the phone for a ½ hour with UHC).
  • We will contact patients regarding past due accounts and work with them to set-up automatic payment plans so that they can successfully pay off their accounts.
  • We will enter and audit all charges and verify that they are billed with the appropriate modifiers and supporting diagnosis.
  • We will generate monthly statements, past due notices and collection letters.
  • We will cover the cost of the electronic clearinghouse, print services, postage, forms, envelopes, work stations, etc…
  • Reduces paperwork so physician and their staff can focus on their patients.